16.02.2021 Marytelekom Reduces Costs

«Marytelekom»  nyrhlary peseldýär


Marytelekom specialists think that given the recent rate reduction for Internet services initiated by the country’s President it will be necessary to revise the network infrastructure capacity expansion plans. The more attractive and affordable prices set by the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency will certainly boost demand for Internet services both among private users and organizations in Mary Velayat. “In late 2020, we significantly expanded the capacity of our station’s transmission equipment”, Martytelekom Deputy Director for information technology Yusup Nuryagdyevich Gammaev said. “Not only did this allow us to fully meet requests for broadband services from residents in the region, but also to create reserve capacity for several thousands of prospective users. Just a few days after the rates had been lowered we noticed a growing number of those, who are interested in today’s most promising communications technology. More people have begun to submit internet service requests, while some registered users have decided to change their tariff plans.”  Internet services in Mary Velayat are becoming more and more efficient, reliable and available. In the past three years, the number of Internet users has increased fourfold. Some 50,000 subscribers are now using the latest technology in the region. Not only city residents can take advantage of Internet services. Transmission equipment has been installed in all etraps of the velayat as well. Apart from improving and developing the network in the region, Marytelekom specialists are actively participating in international projects. They have laid an 8-kilometer-long fiber optic line and have installed a 100Gbps transmission system. This will help to boost transit network traffic to Afghanistan and Pakistan via our country and to reach higher data transmission rates between Europe and Asia.