15.02.2021 Economically Important Crop


Barley is one of the major crops grown in the northern region of Turkmenistan. This year, the total barley area in Dashoguz Velayat stands at 1,000 hectares with almost a quarter of it in S. Turkmenbashi etrap. Kounyaurgench and Akdepe etraps, where farmers have gained considerable experience in growing barley, will continue to be big producers of the crop in the region, as well.

A cereal crop, barley is a rich source of proteins and starch. This makes it valuable concentrated animal fodder. Barley is the most popular cereal grain fed to horses. It is also widely used as food and for industrial purposes. Barley has long been grown in the country’s northern region since this easy-to-cultivate cereal crop has a short growing season, good yield level, excellent disease resistance, and is well suited to the local climatic and soil conditions. Dashoguz velayat farmers tend to grow several domestically and foreign-produced varieties. The plant is also highly valued here for its ability to improve the quality and fertility of salt-affected soils. Farmers sometimes use barley as a cover crop for undersown grass crops. 

For many years, barley has been the focus of research conducted by Turkmen Agricultural Institute located in the northern velayat. This fact highlights the great importance attached to this valuable crop in the region.