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One of basic and obligatory directions in the activity of the Financial Monitoring Service at the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Turkmenistan is counteraction to legalization of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism. In order to execute the Law of Turkmenistan “On AML/CFT”, the Service from the beginning of its activity carries out the analysis and processing of incoming information of operations (transactions) with monetary funds or other property, probably ­involved in persons and organizations financing terrorist and extremist activity in the territory of Turkmenistan and outside its borders. Taking, in case of need, the appropriate measures on blocking the above activities.


Employees of the FIU of Turkmenistan took an active part in the activity of working groups on improvement of “National system of counteraction to legalization of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism”. By results of the activity of working groups there have been developed and approved the Regulations.


With a view of harmonization and improvement of legislation in the sphere of the law “On AML/CFT” and also creation of legal bases for the FIU operation on detection, prevention and investigation of the activity connected with financing of extremism there has been developed a number of bills on amendments and additions to some normative legislative acts signed by the President of Turkmenistan.


On the official website of the FIU there is allocated a special List of persons and organizations connected with international terrorist organizations “Al Qaeda”, Taliban and its leaders as well as the list of foreign terrorist organizations approved by the US State Department. As the new data incomes, the List is updated.




  1. The List pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) with respect to individuals, groups, undertakings and other entities associated with Al-Qaida -- designed by the UN
  4. The List of individuals subject to the measures imposed by paragragh 1 of resolution 1988 (2011) Taliban -- designed by the UN



1518 (2003) Sanctions List 



Consolidated UN Security Cauncil Sanctions List



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