04.09.2019 Winter crops sowing starts in Turkmenistan



Important agricultural campaign has started simultaneously in all velayats of the country. according to good national traditions, the beginning of the sowing was blessed by the elders. Having thrown the first seeds of winter crop to the land, the elders and their young assistants handed over symbolical baton to the farmers.

30.08.2019 Preparation to the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Turkmenistan is carried out


Large-scale review, which is to demonstrate the success achieved in industry, agriculture, construction, energy, transport and communication, trade and services, financial and banking spheres, will be timed to the 28th anniversary of the independence.

02.08.2019 Turkmenistan’s potential in provision of global energy security is growing

Oil and gas industry is a leading branch of national economy, which has an important role in implementation of the programmes of industrialization of the country on innovative base, expansion of its export capabilities. Number of major infrastructural projects aimed at diversification of national fuel and energy complex, strengthening of its positions in the world energy markets are to be implemented in the next several years.

31.07.2019 Ashgabat prepares to the World Sambo and Track Cycling Championships

These days, our country prepares to host 2020 World Sambo Championship and 2021 World Track Cycling Championship. Preparation to these large-scale competitions is carried out in accordance with the documents signed by the Head of the State on June 18.