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Information-Technological Provision of

Activity of FIU of Turkmenistan


FIU of Turkmenistan actively cooperates with the “Taze Dunya” (official and exclusive distributor of company Dell and Toshiba in Turkmenistan) and signed a contract on delivery and installation of equipment and software for gathering and storage of database received from subjects of financial monitoring. There has also been realized a number of other arrangements on activity of IT system of FIU:


- there is introduced the uniform database of received information on a monthly basis from accountable bodies, and also by external information;


- all employees of the Department are provided with personal computers;


- all personal computers of the Department are connected in the unified computer network, with distribution of access rights and control of visited resources of the network. A detached computer provides access to the international network Internet.


- there is maintained support, operation of the Department’s WEB-server in the international network Internet - There is regularly carried out updating of references and materials contained in it;


- there is put into operation a unified File server of the Department with differentiation of access rights and a higher level of safety of information storage at failures in the operation of equipment. 



State information systems administered by
Financial Monitoring Department


"F-M-D Info" - FMD software system for internal use, the report provides input into the database and the implementation of FMD-aided mapping and analysis
"CBT-Net network" - an interbank network domain of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, for exchanging information between the FMD and financial institutions, as well as among financial institutions.
Access to the information system: a departmental