international cooperation




International cooperation



Turkmenistangives a special consideration to the aspects of international cooperation in the sphere of AML/CFT.


At the 65th session of General Assembly of the United Nations Turkmenistan has proposed to speed up the work on the project of the Universal Convention on international terrorism and to create the new formats of partnership within the limits of the United Nations, including to consider a possibility of creation of the counterterrorist information-coordination centers of the United Nations in various regions of the world. Besides this, Turkmenistan on a platform of the United Nations has proposed to organize the training-information centers of the United Nations on fight against crime.


In November 2011 there has been signed an agreement between Ministry of Finance and Economics of Turkmenistan and National Bank of China on cooperation and information exchange in the sphere of AML/CFT.


The experts from Turkmenistan have been also actively participating in different working groups of FATF and EAG.


On the basis of the above stated, Turkmenistan considers cooperation within the limits of the framework of United Nations, CIS, FATF and EAG as a priority direction of improvement of the national system of AML/CFT. Also for these purposes and in the strict compliance with recommendations of FATF, we consider as a priority the use of a stored experience of the units of financial intelligence of such countries - strategic partners as Swiss Confederation, the USA and the CIS countries with which accordingly there is established a close cooperation within the limits of the projects of technical assistance.