About the Financial Monitoring Department
of the Ministry of Finance and Economics of the 

January 15, 2010 established the Financial Intelligence Unit - Financial Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economics of TurkmenistanThis is an administrative type FIU.

The purpose of Financial Monitoring Department - providing a legal mechanism to combat money laundering, laundering, terrorist financing and related crimes.

Management is guided by the Constitution of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Laws, Decrees of the President of Turkmenistan's Mejlis of Turkmenistan regulations, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, and other normative legal acts of Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan's international agreements, Regulation on the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Turkmenistan.

Department, in carrying out its activities, working closely with other units of the Ministry and, as appropriate, with government agencies and other organizations and agencies of Turkmenistan and foreign states, as well as with international organizations.

The objectives of the Department are:
a system of continuous flow of information relating to transactions and transactions in cash and in-kind, subject to mandatory control, in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan, the identification of suspicious transactions and operations, its use for suppression of criminal activities;

ensuring the confidentiality of information received and the protection of the database being created;

an effective mechanism to combat money laundering and combating financing of terrorism, the use of preventive measures;

- To improve international cooperation on the basis of agreed principles of information exchange.

Department, in accordance with its tasks:
analyze suspicious transactions or transactions with money or other property;

develops and implements prevention (prevention) to prevent violations of legal acts of Turkmenistan on combating money laundering, laundering and terrorist financing and summarizes the experience of their application and shall work to improve the regulatory framework on these issues;

develops and implements measures to identify suspicious transactions and operations aimed at their prevention;

regularly update the internal database of issued instructions to freeze transactions or transactions;

develops and implements security procedures (for confidentiality access to databases of information, as well as those working with them);

implementing internal controls over the actions of employees of the Office, introduces internal standards of customer service, database, and documents of a confidential nature;

received from ministries, departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of property, as well as individuals with additional information and documents for the purpose of counteracting legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing;

establish and maintain an automated accounting system, process and analyze information on the operations and transactions subject to obligatory control;

if there are sufficient grounds proving that the transaction or operation with monetary funds or other assets associated with the legalization of proceeds from crime or terrorist financing, transfers the relevant information and materials to law enforcement agencies, in accordance with their competence;

studying and implementing best practices in the international experience, technology, operations, using international grants, other technical assistance;

in accordance with the instructions of the President of Turkmenistan participates in the development and implementation of programs of international cooperation, international conventions, to submit proposals to enter into agreements for the exchange of information;

involved in the preparation of legal acts of Turkmenistan on the issues related to anti money laundering, laundering and terrorist financing;

- develops, maintains and implements standards and performance standards, guidelines, software, and other documents;

monitors the activities of persons performing operations with monetary funds or other assets, in terms of their compliance with the legislation on combating legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing;

organizes the work to deepen the educational level of employees of the Office of the specialty, through training courses and certification;

carries out work in accordance with the laws and other normative legal acts of Turkmenistan;

- Performs other tasks related to the implementation of the functions of the Office.

Management is headed by Director, appointed and dismissed by her Minister of Finance and Economics of Turkmenistan in consultation with the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.