03.11.2014 President of Turkmenistan conducts a videoconference meeting

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov conducted a working videoconference meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers A. Gochyev, and the hyakims of the regions and Ashgabat. The meeting agenda covered the priority issues of life of the Turkmen state and society, in particular the harvest campaigns – the important agricultural campaigns being held in the country – and the progress of implementation of the large-scale reformatory programmes in the country. 


The hyakims of the regions reported on the existing situation in velayats and the progress in implementing the National programme on improvement of the social and living conditions in villages. It was also reported on the progress in sowing winter wheat and harvesting cotton in the regions. 


Commenting on the report, the Turkmen leader dwelt upon ongoing agricultural activities and instructed to take the necessary measures to ensure the well-organised and efficient works at the agricultural fields and stock-raising associations in the country. The President demanded that the high level of organisation of planned festivities on occasion of the Harvest Day should be ensured. 


The Turkmen leader was informed on the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Turkmen-Iranian section of the North-South transnational railway. 


The President gave specific instructions on the preparations for the ceremony and underlined the significance of the North-South transnational railway not only for the economies of Turkmenistan and the neighbouring countries but the establishment of the regional and transcontinental transport infrastructure and the events on occasion of the national holidays as well. 


Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers A. Gochyev reported on the progress in implementing the National programme on the improvement of social and living conditions in villages, settlements, towns in etraps and etrap centres for the period until 2020.


In this regard, the Turkmen leader underlined the importance of the complex well-thought approach to the construction of the social and cultural facilities, in particular apartment houses, kindergartens, schools, medical institutions, centres of cultures and other social objects. The President also emphasized the significance of the uninterrupted supply of water, power energy and gas to the population. 


President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov demanded the Vice Premier to analyze the quality of the facilities put into operation within the framework of the National reformatory programme. 


Moreover, the President gave specific instructions regarding the plan for construction of objects to be put into operation in the regions of the country in 2015.


State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)